Seattle Seafood Restaurant Duke’s Chowder House Earns Highest Rating in Washington State on Fish2Fork

Duke’s earned a 4.5 Blue Fish rating from Fish2Fork, making it the highest-rated restaurant in Washington State on the site.

For Immediate Release
December 10, 2013


Seattle, Washington–Duke’s Chowder House is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a 4.5 grade Blue Fish Rating from the UK-based Fish2Fork organization.  The top rating possible is a 5. Duke’s currently holds the highest rating in Washington State.

A not-for-profit company based in London, Fish2Fork is a website dedicated to rating restaurants worldwide that serve fish. The ratings are based not only on the quality of the food that is served in the restaurants, but also on the effect that they are having on the sea and marine life.  Brought to you by the people who produced The End of the Line, Fish2Fork judges the seafood restaurants on whether they are really doing all they can to serve sustainable seafood and to reduce impact on our oceans.  The rating process and questionnaires involve analyzing the sourcing policies and scoring the restaurant for the sustainability of the seafood featured on their menu.

In their review of Duke’s Chowder House, Fish2Fork states, “There can be few restaurants which take quite so much trouble to check out the sustainability of their seafood. Owner Duke Moscrip and executive chef Bill Ranniger often travel to see where their fish are caught – including four trips to Alaska in the last 12 months at the last count…They are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and evangelical about seafood sustainability – what’s not to like? A thoroughly well-deserved 4.5 blue fish.”

Owner Duke Moscrip and Executive Chef Bill Ranniger are thrilled and honored to hold the highest ranking for seafood restaurants in Washington State.  They go to great lengths to source their fish and shellfish from sustainable and carefully managed regional fisheries. Moscrip said, “At Duke’s, we are not interested in compromising quality in any way. We have relentlessly developed incredible sources that provide amazing quality and almost all of the seafood we feature here at Duke’s comes from the Northwest and Alaska. We care deeply about the food we serve and the enjoyment of our guests. What you can count on at Duke’s: Only sustainable seafood; exceptional flavor; always wild seafood, not farm raised; all natural; traceable food.”


For additional information contact:
Tamara Wilson
Tamara Wilson Public Relations

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