Duke’s Chowder House Features Dungeness Crab on Fresh Sheet Menu

Duke Says They Are ‘Dangerously Tasty’

For Immediate Release
March 28, 2013


Seattle, WA—From March 21 to May 8, Duke’s Chowder House of Seattle will be featuring Dungeness Crab on their Fresh Sheet Menu. Hauled from the coastal waters of Washington, these iconic Northwest crabs are revered for their firm meat, outstanding flavor, and telltale aroma. According to Duke, his crabs are so “dangerously tasty” that you won’t be able to stop.

Duke, a self-proclaimed seafood sleuth, sources them locally and is a stickler for only fresh. These meaty crabs are found up and down the West Coast and are carefully managed by the State of Washington—surprisingly only male crabs can be harvested  and they must measure at least 6 ¼ inches across the back.

Last fall, Duke and his chef headed to Westport where they visited the fishing grounds and toured the crab processing facility at Pacific Seafood.  Duke says, “Locally sourced, plentiful, and sustainable. You just can’t find a better tasting crab. The crabs are consistently flavorful and the processing is exceptional. All of the crabs arrive on the dock alive and kicking. They are kept cold and picked by hand daily. Crab doesn’t freeze well so all of the crab we buy is fresh…I think it’s a big deal.”

The Fresh Sheet Menu will feature a dozen dishes, including a whole cooked crab. Other specials include a Crab “Un” Cake, which features 84% crab and just enough filler to hold the crab together without compromising flavor and texture. The Northwest Coast Fresh Dungeness Crab and Wild Mexican Prawn Salad will include a not so secret dressing. The Crabby Chowder Galore and the Crab Gnocchi are two comforting dishes for a cold day.

Duke is excited about the Dungeness Crab promotion, which is the fourth specialty menu since last fall. Duke says, “Dungeness crab is recognized as a delicacy in this part of the world. People know it. There’s no question about that. The demand for this iconic Northwest Crab is huge.”

About Duke’s Chowder House:
Dedicated to bringing its guests the best, Duke’s Chowder House has six locations throughout the Puget Sound region. Owner Duke Moscrip has been at the helm for thirty five years and prides himself on finding the best ingredients for his menu.


For additional information contact:
Tamara Wilson
Tamara Wilson Public Relations

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