Triumph Bar Celebrates Local Oysters at their Peak of Perfection

Featuring Taylor Shellfish’s Signature Oysters for $1 each in January

For Immediate Release
December 10, 2013

Seattle, Washington—Triumph Bar, located in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood, is pleased to announce that it will be celebrating and serving Taylor Shellfish’s signature oysters for $1 a piece throughout January. Whether they are served raw on the half shell, baked or fried, the luscious local oysters will be served at their peak and make a light and healthy launch to the New Year.

Each week, Triumph Bar serves an astonishing number of West Coast oysters with their Champagne mignonette. As a result, owner Jim Marsh and chef Jonathan Doar decided to take things one step further by serving Taylor Shellfish’s signature suite of oysters for $1 each. Marsh explains, “We know that our customers love our oysters on the half shell so we decided to highlight oysters as an affordable, local and seasonal specialty that can be readily enjoyed and indulged upon without feeling guilty after the holiday indulgences. Working closely with Taylor Shellfish, we are pleased to be offering five oysters at their peak of perfection.” The oysters being featured are:

-Prized by half shell connoisseurs and moderately sized, “kumos” have deeply cupped and highly sculptured shells. The meat is smooth and has a sweet fruity flavor.

Shigokus-A Pacific oyster that is tumbled as it is grown, the shigoku has a nice deep cup and is well suited to being served raw on the half shell.

Olympias-The indigenous species from the West Coast, the Olympias are small in size and renowned for their coppery flavor and finish.

Virginicas-A pear-shaped shell with a somewhat flat top shell, Virginicas have a slightly concave bottom shell with a clean, briny, smooth sweetness and a pronounced mineral finish.

Pacifics-Chef Doar will be serving the Pacific oysters fried and baked throughout the month.

“Oyster Bill” Whitbeck of Taylor Shellfish explains that the oysters will be at their absolute peak in January. He says, ”When the water gets cold the oysters build up their glycogen and they get really fat and plump and sweet. In January, the oysters will be at their peak and they simply don’t get any better than that."

Chef Jonathan Doar is thrilled to be working with these local seasonal specialties. The master of the kitchen at Triumph Bar, he says, ”With gloves and an oyster knife in hand, I’m ready to start shucking.” To accompany the oysters, they will also be offering a gin-based basil lime jug juice for $5.00 each. The fresh and lively drink features gin, cucumber, basil, simple syrup, lime juice and an energizing splash of soda at the end.”


About Triumph Bar–Located in Seattle’s Lower Queen Anne neighborhood at 114 Republican Street, across from Key Arena, this 80 seat restaurant/bar boasts a casual atmosphere and offers a full menu, an extensive selection of Italian wines, and an easygoing yet professional ambiance. Triumph Bar’s wine program is growing to over 300 selections, with 25 of those open for glass and carafe pours. Recently featured in Zagat and The Seattle Times, Triumph Bar is open daily from 3 pm to late and is located at 114 Republican Street. One hour of validated parking available in the building. Happy Hour daily.

For additional information contact:
Tamara Wilson
Tamara Wilson Public Relations

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