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Tamara Wilson Public Relations is not your everyday type PR firm, mainly because Tamara Wilson is not your everyday type person. One day you might find her rolling out an underwater billboard campaign for Ivar’s, the next launching the West’s tallest public observatory.

If we were to list everything we’ve done to guarantee clients’ success, it would break the scroll bar. So in the interest of sanity, here’s seven:
1. Assist the successful launch of new businesses by getting immediate media attention. Like that day.
2. Develop community and non-profit partnerships that actually last.
3. Increase guest counts at restaurants. Like exponentially.
4. Award-winning campaigns that don’t just garner trophies, but actually have driven sales from $50,000 to over a million in one year.
5. Deliver the right audience to the right client at the right time at the right place etc etc.
6. Real people, in real time creating engagement with other real people. NO AUTOMATION!
7. We know how to design and place advertising, after all, we’ve been doing it for over 25 years.


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