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Love letter to Bradley | Tamara Wilson PR
Love letter to Bradley

Posted by Wilson PR on Oct 15, 2010 in Blog | 0 comments


I met Brad Dickinson, no, make that “Bradley” Dickinson, at Henry’s Off Broadway’s Oyster Bar sometime in the very early 80’s.  He was, and is, tall and handsome, quick with the sauté pan with an even quicker wit.  If the Roanoke was slow, Terry Dudley and I could close down at midnight and head over for a late bite with whatever tip money we had made earlier.  Never mind that neither of us were dressed in the proper attire; during the wee hours most of the guests at the piano bar were a bit blurry eyed anyway. 

I’m not sure if I was even legal drinking age, but I’m sure the order was something like a glass of wine, teriyaki tidbits and oysters Rockefeller.  I am positive we didn’t valet, but parked on the side street near Gene Juarez’s former corporate headquarters on Capitol Hill.    Brad used to come in to the tavern with his friends Erin Vaughn, Tom Rauen and Ruth Baird; they were the locals, and I was fresh from Tacoma.  Over the years, we all went our separate ways, but Bradley and I stayed in touch as we each climbed the corporate restaurant ladders at competitive companies (he was at Schwartz Brothers and I was at Consolidated Restaurants). 

Then one day our worlds got closer. We realized that Terry Dudley and Erin Vaughn were married.  Next thing you know, Bradley and I are living in the same neighborhood, sharing meals with new mutual friends and his bride, Sistie.   After 25 plus years of hard labor as Executive Chef, Bradley cut the cord, as did his new business partner, Mikel Rogers, and opened Pearl Bar & Dining at Lincoln Square.  That was two years ago during the beginning of the economic crisis and as luck would have it “Snow-pocalypse.” Pearl, because of the great food and hardworking ownership made it past the mark and got through one of the worst economic times in history.   

Fast forward to Pearl, a very busy place, a great restaurant, and a wonderful friend who trusted me to make it happen; just think it all started at the Roanoke.  The tall handsome chef still has the quickest wit, and is there at the restaurant creating amazing food and telling stories (many of them about golf).  If you haven’t been to see my friends at Pearl, you have missed something very special and truly local:  www.pearlbellevue.com

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